About us

Most equipment manufactures recommend maintenace to keep your heating and cooling equipment operating efficiently and reliably. Typical service is on and annual basis with more complicated system being service by annually and if equipment is operating under commercial conditions quarterly maintenace is typically performed.

Filtration and indoor air quality issues are substantial these days. We build very tight, efficient home that if not vented properly can produce an environment far worse pollutant wise than the great out doors. Fortunately there are many great products from good pleated filters to high efficient electronic air cleaners to remove allergies and particulate manner from our homes and places of employment. We have Ultra Violet systems to fight the things we cannot see.we have humidifiers and dehumidifier to help keep the perfect environment for you.

All these things and more can help keep your enviroment healthy and comfortable but all have maintenace regardless who takes care of it, it has to be taken care of in order to take care of you. If you have questions or service needs we would be honered to be your service provider.

Currently preventive maintenance Tune ups are as fallow's

Duel fuel Tune up for combination Gas & Heat Pump systems are $165.00 +tax

Heat Pump tune up is $150.00 +tax

Gas Furnace Tune up is $130.00 + tax

Electric Furnace Tune up is $130.00 + tax

Drop us a note if you have questions we promise no drive by "TUNE UPS" and no surprises at the end of our tune up.

As added value our maintenance customers whom have their equipment serviced annually receive special pricing on any additional needs and no over time charges for emergencies as well we promise that if you do have a challenge during the year we will expedite your service and do our best to make the visit as painless as possible. If you have done your part we want to do ours.